Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Joy of Socks

The humble sock - not a terribly exciting item at first glance but the possibilities for a pooch are many...1/ a stinky, worn sock stolen from the laundry basket can be an ideal gift for any visitor - especially if it's some-one MM and DD are trying to impress.

2/ as a plaything it can be dragged along the carpet, thrown in the air a few times, shredded and then left to drown in the water bowl.

3/ as a puzzle for MM - stolen from the clothes horse this can result in hours of fun as she wonders why she has so many odd socks and then blames it on the washing machine.

4/ for your own amusement remember to always take one from the pair they are about to put on, refuse to give it back until they are running late for work, then relent and watch them squirm as they put on a warm, damp sock and hop out the door.

Oh yes, the joy of socks...

1 comment:

  1. Hee, hee - Hobbs you old tease, you.

    I like to go for Muttie's tights. I like to stretch for one leg of the tights while she's balanced on one leg, one leg in, wrongly believing she's successfully executed this most complicated of operations. I catch the remaining tight leg in my claws then pull, very quickly. This usually results in lots of screaming from the Muttie along the lines of: "these cost me a fiver, don't you dare rip them Milt!!" - or words to that effect.

    It's good to keep them on their toes - literally.

    Milt xx