Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sock Shame

I can't help thinking that I've missed the joke here...

MM had her leaving drinkies on Thursday night and these socks were a present from some crazy people at The Sun - they gave her a bottle of Prosecco too, but I notice she didn't share that with me!

As usual, DD just did as he was told, but I refused to look at the camera and poked my tongue out.

MM said I'd obviously picked that up from Kerry Katona - and she had something to do with kittens apparently - so it's probably not a thing dogs are supposed to do.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Farewell Fifi

My fuzzy little heart is broken…

I found out last night that my one great love - Fifi (aka Fifi L'Amour) - has passed away.

DD and I bumped into her Mutty Mummy when we were out on our late night stroll and after hearing the news, I walked the whole way home with my head and tail down.

DD and MM felt so sorry for me that they let me sleep with them last night.

Today, I'll just spend some time in my basket. Alone; with just my memories and a very heavy heart.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Helpful Hound

MM had been writing on her blog about a pair of shoes that she was feeling guilty about buying.

She'd been dithering about taking them back and had tucked the receipt inside the shoe.

Deep down I think she really wanted to keep them, so I decided to help her out.

P.S. - I waited until DD had hoovered before I indulged in some shredding