Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's a dog's life...

I'd like you all to meet Chester.

Now, before you all start agreeing that he is the UK's most spoilt dog, please read this article.

This little chap is 13 (that's waaaay older in human years than you two-legged bloggers can imagine) and he only has three legs!

So, three cheers for Chester and his owner who appreciates - just like mine does - that cashmere throws and posh pillows are the best possible places for our furry posteriors to perch.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Once bitten...

DD had to take a trip to the doctor this afternoon for a tetanus jag and is now mooching around showing the teeny, tiny mark to anyone who cares to look.

Last week, he had the nerve to refuse me entry to their bedroom and the pristine clean, white Egyptian cotton bed linen that was just begging for me to rub my dinnery beard all over - so I bit him.

A damn fine bite it was too! Straight through his thumb! And, if it hadn't been for the fact that he bled all over my glossy, golden coat and then planted his foot on my bottom, I'd have been truly delighted with my efforts.

Over the weekend, he started getting stiff shoulders and muscle spasms but thankfully I've had no such problems. It was only afterwards that I started to wonder if his hands had been clean - you never know where these humans have been.

Anyway, the doctor said it could have been much worse - it could have been MM doing the biting and then he'd have needed a rabies shot.